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Sustainable Community Opportunities for Restoration and Empowerment

The Inception of Scorekenya

Sustainable Community Opportunities for Restoration and Empowerment- SCORE  is a child – focused non – governmental organization registered  in 2006 by Non – Governmental Organization Coordination Board.

The organization was founded in january 2004 by a team of community development workers to provide a visionary framework to express the concepts for the need of children and advocate for genuine commitment and solidarity to address child suffering

Strategic Pillars

The goal of OVC programs is to build HIV affected families resiliency to meet developmental needs of their children, while assuring that children affected by HIV/ AIDS have equitable access to health, education and other social services including protection

Healthy Pillar

This pillar includes interventions to support the achievement of health outcomes, build health and nutrition knowledge and skills in caregivers, and facilitate access to key health services especially HIV testing, care and treatment services enable vulnerable children especially girls, stay HIV free

Stable Pillar

To ensure increased Economic Stability of HHs to care and protect OVC. SCORE is adopting the PEPFAR comprehensive economic strengthening model to guide interventions. This domain includes interventions that reduce economic vulnerability and increase resiliency in adolescents and families affected by vulnerable to HIV

Schooled Pillar

This pillar includes interventions to support children and adolescents affected by and vulnerable to HIV to overcome barriers to accessing education including enrollment, attendance, retention and progression and or transition. It also addresses vocational training in the case of some adolescents

Achiving Impact at Scale: in 2023 We


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Our Sponsors And Partners

ScoreKenya Organization believes that to scale and ensure the sustainability of our impact we must enable governments to adopt high impact elements of our approach and support them until they fully own the system.

News and Updates

A charitable organization or charity is an organization whose primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being. The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country

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